Thursday, January 07, 2010

CES 2010 Reaction

2010 Consumer Electronics Show

Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid Tablet/Notebook With Detachable Screen looks interesting and closer to what I've been after in a netbook. 11.6" is perfect in terms of the screen size. I love this size for my HP Mini 311. If it were only available without the keyboard and touchpad. This Lenovo might be the answer. More on the U1 here:

The HTC HD2 looks like a good smartphone to finally upgrade my HTC Touch, but I'm with Verizon now and am seriously considering a Google Nexus 1 because none of this hardware should be limited to one carrier. Ridiculous. I understand we put up with this because it reduces the price of the hardware but I'd rather have choices and not be locked into some crazy 2-year contract.

Adidas Star Wars sneakers? Okay, I might consider wearing the Darth Vader model, but forget the others.

HP TouchSmart TM2 notebook/tablet. Finally. Better. I looked at their current convertible tablet again recently and was surprised how clunky and not elegant it is. However, ultimately I'm after a slate tablet that will work as an ebook reader and photo editing solution I can also take with me to work for taking notes and doing work.

Maybe the OLPC XO-2 is a better concept for a hybrid device. A slate alone sitting flat on a surface probably isn't as good as a traditional laptop in many situations because the screen can't be supported in a propped up position. I'll have to give the Lenovo another look-see. I suppose it's all about how long you're willing to wait. XO-3?

I really expected more touch screen notebooks, netbooks, slates, and surface computing to be ready to go this past holiday season. I expected more low cost low power Intel Atom 330 based devices too. Even now you are hard pressed to find the dual core Atom 330/Nvidia ION in many devices. I was lucky to acquire an Acer Aspire Revo 3610 which is still hard to find. Also, let's see more of these slates and convertibles with epaper screens like ebook readers that incorporate color and video!

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mikepdx said...

Sweet deal on this nettop that would be great for a home theater PC. I purchased the Acer Aspire Revo AR3600 which seems to have vanished off the market. This Zotac unit is similar, but you get no operating system. I'm a PC and love Windows 7, but if you're after, it runs on free Linux. I wanted a DVR, so purchased an HD TV tuner and use Windows Media Center's functionality to record TV beyond Boxee functionality. I would be very interested to try this Zotac PC.