Thursday, July 15, 2010

Round-up of e-book readers for the PC desktop

Amazon Kindle for PC
Start at for links to free books through Internet Archive, Open Library, Project Gutenberg, and

Borders Desktop
Start at for 1.5 million public-domain free books.

This e-book management software offers comprehensive file format conversion, synchronization to most e-reader devices, a desktop e-book viewer, and even a web server to reach your content from the Internet.

OverDrive Media Console
Start at to search for e-books.  Try to locate your titles for download using the service paid for by your local library, or get links to online stores through which you can download the titles for much less than a print copy.  Be sure to shop around as prices will vary.

Start at your local public library or school library website to locate e-books as well.

In the wake of the iPad, I'm waiting anxiously for Windows-based tablets with transflective displays but would consider the upcoming Notion Ink Adam.  See for more info.  More to keep on the radar are the Pioneer DreamBook ePad, the ASUS Eee Pad, the HP Slate, and others you can find through these links:

The Pixel Qi display is available now (well, when it's not sold out) and might be used to upgrade some netbooks and future slates to perform as better e-book readers.  See for the display.

The e-book market is certainly changing and it will be very interesting to see where it goes in terms of content, copyright, and hardware.  Important to me will be how libraries can effectively loan their purchased copies or rights to e-books in a useful way.

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