Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring in Portland and garden prep

It snowed yesterday in what was reportedly the latest snow on record. It didn't stick but made for an interesting day with sun breaks, hail, and snow off and on. This was my last day of jury duty and all the filing in and out of the jury room and court room after having been on a trial for the last three days.

The room off our kitchen used to be outside but at some point, I'm guessing in the 1970's, the former owner decided to wall in the porch. Since it faces south it makes for a nice garden room and after having lived here for almost two years, I decided to get rid of all the tools and junk and make it the official location for all my house plant supplies.

Last weekend and the weekend before I began starting some seeds for the vegetable garden we have planned. I think it's still a bit cold but the nasturiums, pumpkins, squash, and broccoli are coming in. You can find some more shots of the yard as it progresses over on my Flickr site.

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